key words

Crystallographic defects
Impurity contaminations
Minority carriers
Phase shift
Bulk lifetime
Effective lifetime
Surface recombination velocity
Solar cell efficiency

Know How

Checkup Solar masters a patented technology called "Phase Shift" and symbolized by DeltaPhi.

Our message is simple for production purposes:
" For production quality inspection, it's just enough to measure DeltaPhi(Phase Shift) to know if the wafer meets the requirements of the quality plan ".

Moreover, our elegant and lean technology works with UNPASSIVATED wafers.

So, there is no need to lose time and money to passivate a wafer before inspection.
It is also useless to keep on with measurements that perform approximation about the material and that are not really reproducible and comparable.

Our method frees ressources and increases visibility.

For R&D purposes
" For product&process development, R&D teams can also get lifetime bulk lifetimeAND surface recombination velocity S from the Phase Shift measurement ".
This may be very simple or more difficult especially in case of a very strong heterogeneity of the material.
For R&D, it is recommended to perform other kind of measurements in order to get multiple perspectives.